Stoked to announce that Twenty Years will also be coming out on tape via Death Culture Tapes who have worked/are working with the likes of Sol, Cara NeirVukari and The Siege Fire (our drummers other band)!

Twenty Years had been getting some awesome reviews and we are very honored (two recent ones are by Team Reasonable and Manic Compression). You can grab the EP on our Bandcamp for free and it will be out on Vinyl THIS MONTH!

Last night was insane, definitely the sendoff that Laughing Horse deserved! If anyone has any pictures from last night, we’d love to see them -

Thanks to Yousef Hatlani for taking some rad ones, and to the Laughing Horse volunteers for helping throw the final show.

After three and a half weeks on the road we are back in Portland! A huge thank you to everyone who booked us, put us up, and came out to the shows (special shout out to taco bell). This has by far been our most fun/successful tour yet. 
We are coming home on a bittersweet note though. Laughing Horse Books is closing its doors forever. Tonight we will be playing there one last time for a farewell show. This place has meant a lot to us and played a very important role for us growing as a band. Let’s rage one last time! You can go listen to and download our new EP Twenty Years on bandcamp now.

Again, the vinyl will be out in October via The Ghost Is Clear Records( ), Don’t Live Like Me Records( and Illuminasty Records. 300 copies on clear vinyl with black inner sleeves and a double sided insert with more artwork and lyrics. Stoked! 

We will be playing these songs on the road throughout the next month (above). 

Check out the first song off the new recordings.

Here is a thing we wrote about a few bands we really like from this part of the country (Darto, U SCO and Leatherdaddy). 

Really stoked to announce the release of our new EP! It is going to be called “Twenty Years” and released by The Ghost Is Clear Records(, 
Don’t Live Like Me Records (, and our friend Tristan from Leatherdaddy's new label Illuminasty Records. 
We are planning on putting it out digitally on the 26th before we go on tour and the Vinyl will be out in early October. 

You can check the tracklist/recording info on our bandcamp:

The cover art is above!